Get Started With Your Creative Business

How to grow your creative business:

 A lot of individuals shy away from creating a business out of their creative work. This stems mostly from their fear of rejection.



What is a creative outlet?

A creative outlet is what connects to your soul. It is something that is simply meant for you. It cannot take away from friends or family. It cannot take away from your job. It cannot take away from you.

You must be willing to commit time to making it. It’s yours. It’s yours to dream, create, and tear down. You should be confident enough in yourself and your work.



To grow your creative business, you must follow your passion.

You have to know yourself. You have to know your talents and your potential. You have to explore what it truly means to you. Most important, you have to enjoy what you do.

So how do you know if you’re on the right path?

It’s important that you make decisions after you make your decisions. However, every now and then, you will have to take a leap of faith.



Learn Creative Skills:

Creative skills are widely required in today's market. Being creative, creative skills, is essential for solving problems with ease and, more importantly, being enjoyable and satisfying.

I believe that creative skills, creativity, give people the ability to solve problems with ease and, more importantly, being enjoyable and satisfying.



Everyone is creative in their own way.

Creative skills require practice

If you want to be good at anything, in order to become great at it, you need to practice.

If you want to be awesome at something, you need to practice. It doesn't have to be anything; it could be playing music, writing, drawing, writing, sports, martial arts, etc. It could be pretty much anything.

Just do it

Do it every day.



Learn High ROI Skills

- Digital Marketing

- Sales

- Copywriting


Marketing is more about teaching and less about selling.

We can't expect our content to be 'viral' if it isn't shareable, and we can't share our content online if we don't know how to use it.

So, we're here to teach. But always remember . . .

We teach better by telling a story.



Think about how a doctor would educate you on you illness.

Maybe they would give you an informational pamphlet on what to expect before, during and after an operation to prepare you for surgery.

Or maybe they sit you down, face to face, and tell you what's going on.

Naturally, the doctor wouldn't just randomly go into your mouth and cut you open.

They would start by teaching you the procedures, get your consent, explain the benefits of the procedure.

They educate and build trust with you, making you feel comfortable.

This is how you should treat your sales process. Think about what is going to benefit your customer first.



Sales should be outcome based.

Stop selling your services and start selling your outcomes instead.

Simplify the process and why hiring you will achieve this.

When you add value to someone’s project, your value changes. You’ll literally start getting paid more.’



Ever wonder why some film makers charge more for their services than others?

Because they’re adding value that people are willing to pay extra for, which is because they are offering a better value.

Value can be different for different people, however, there are some common denominators across the board.

The Value Added

Does it make sense?

Value is work produced for the money that you charge for the job. It can be adjusted based on the customer and what they want.

This realization comes from trial and error.



Copywriting is vital

You need to learn how to write copy. You can't do any business without it.

Learn how to write copy, and you can sell water to a fish.

It is important whether you are an entrepreneur, sales consultant, sales manager or salesperson. Good copy is persuasive. It is a way to influence.

So, how does copy writing work?

It is a certain language and technique. It is a style, an approach. It is a set of rules and habits. However, it is more than that.

Copywriting is an art. It is a science.





This is the most important skill in copywriting.

Reading helps you to understand both the market and the product.




Observance is the second most important skill.

Observe everything from the mistakes you make to the successes you use.

Observe the language you use.



Copywriting is writing.

Never stop writing. Write everything. Write every day.

Write in the form of a story. Write in the form of a list. Write in the shape of a poem.

Write in the form of questions. Write in the form of exciting announcements. Write in the form of fonts. 




Keep your outreach consistent and don't let your leads become cold.

Leverage reminders and stay in contact with each one.

Tell your clients what to expect and help them plan out their video project.

Show them examples of your work and tell your leads when you can make something for them.

Clients, customers, and subscribers are always looking for inspiration and reassurance you're on top of things. Always provide something valuable:


Lead nurturing is the follow-up after someone interacts with your business. So having consistent outreach is a great way to let your audience know you value them.

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