Gain More Exposure As A Creative

How to Gain Exposure on Social Media: For the small entrepreneurs, the small influencers, it is a big challenge to gain exposure.

You have an Instagram account, but your audience is not growing anymore. The more people you reach, the more your message is communicated and the more people who trust your brand.

There are many ways to gain exposure on social media, here I will guide you through.

1. Get popular.

To become popular on social media, you have to have the following 3 things: Great content, engagement, and a targeted audience.

Post content that is open ended, interesting, engaging, and thought provoking. Include short videos and images. It gets people more involved. Post more than once a day. Keep people interested.

2. Interact with the followers.

Interacting with your follower has massive benefits. Helps you keep your brand in the mind of your followers. This helps with creating trust in your brand.

When people see your interaction they will be more likely to buy from you. If your audience trusts your brand, they will WANT to interact with it. want a brand people will use on a regular basis and contact you when they need what you offer.

3. Create a story and promote it.

Share Your Story Instead of creating a brand that only focuses on selling something, focus on building a connection with your consumers by sharing a piece of your story.

Showcase Your Passion

When your customers read about your brand, you want them to feel like your passions align with theirs. 

Call Out Benefits When people hear about your brand, they want to be persuaded or convinced to buy your product. These reasons might relate to your brand's design or can offer a solution.

Offer a Guarantee After you've clearly communicated a value to your customers, there is a good chance they won't buy your product. To make sure that you gain a high percentage of repeat buyers, offer them a guarantee.

4. Create sharable content

Create content that promotes sharing by asking questions It's simple but extremely effective. Creating content that starts a conversation and invites people to share their opinions is very powerful.

Create content that entertains Content that is entertaining always goes viral.

There are ways to create entertaining content, such as by answering questions, by solving common problems, or by showing things that help people.

Make sure the content is easy to understand Creating content that can be easily understood is an essential key to success.

Knowledge of language, technique, style, or theme will help create much better and more efficient content. 

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